Primal Egg Muffins

Primal Egg Muffin MainThese primal egg muffins were a lazy Sunday afternoon creation, because eggs are always good on a Sunday. I recently found out I can’t eat most store bought eggs.  It’s a little bizarre – doesn’t matter if they are free range, cage free, antibiotic free, etc. etc. They make me really sick, and I really love eggs. Fortunately, I’m able to eat pastured eggs with no problem, but it’s been tough finding a farm that nearby that sells them. This recipe turned out deliciously sweet and savory, and I will definitely be making this again on a regular basis.

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Savory Paleo Carrot Cake

Savory Carrot Cake Main

A savory paleo carrot cake that is complimented by a rich duo of sweet toppings. Gluten free, grain free, paleo. I had been craving a good cake, since going gluten free I haven’t really had a good cake. I have made some brownies and pies, but making a cake seemed like a little bit too much effort. I always seem to royally fail when it comes to making gluten free flour mixtures, and when it comes to baking, I find it’s a lot easier to take a simpler approach using nut based meals and butters instead. We don’t really eat sweets, so this is a bit more on the savory side which we like, but if you’d like it on the sweeter side your welcome to use more honey to kick it up a notch.

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